How to Lose 12 Pounds in 3 Weeks Diet?

A proper diet plan is vital, when it comes to losing weight in just 3 weeks. If you want to lose 12 – 24 lbs3 week diet weight loss within 21 days, you need to include some restrictions in your diet. Some exercise along with use of fruits and vegetables will prove to be effective to reach your goal. However, you must make sure that all such fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, so that you do not intake large amount of calories inside the body. In addition, try of get rid of fast foods and unhealthy diet patterns. When you will change your lifestyle, you will start to lose weight naturally within few weeks.

When following a 3 Week Diet plan, you make sure of the following things in your daily schedule.

  • Try to eat fresh fruits and refrain from using boxed or packed items.
  • Do not eat products that contain oil inside them, such as cheese and butter.
  • Drink lots of water daily. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.
  • Follow 3 Week Diet system created by Brian Flatt.

What are the Factors that affect Weight Loss?

Following are some of the important factors that greatly affect weight loss.

Factor #1: Getting Good Sleep

This is the most important part of losing weight. If you do not take proper rest, you start to gain weight fast. Majority of the health and fitness experts are of the opinion that sleep is the key factor which affects fat loss process. Even if you are doing everything right, if you are not taking proper rest then it is likely that you won’t lose weight. People who are habitual of staying up late at night are more prone to obesity. It is because, the body metabolism and hormones are affected by your sleep patterns. That’s why, it can become a major hurdle toward losing unwanted body fat from your body.

When the hunger hormones are increased due to less sleep, you tend to eat even more. Eventually, the hormone imbalance increases your food cravings and body metabolism rate becomes slower. As a result, you increase body weight instead of losing it.

Factor #2: Stress and Weight Gain

Anxiety or stress is yet another factor, which is directly related towards weight gain. These days, people tend to take greater amount of stress and it’s more like a normal thing. No matter, how much you try to avoid it but you still become stressed at times. It has been observed by researchers that people who take stress tend to gain more weight. High amount of stress will become a major hurdle in weight loss.

When you are stressed, you crave for food. This is because the brain causes body cells to release hormones. In this way, your body does not use the available energy. Instead, it asks for extra food and you feel hungry. The unused calories are already available inside your body, yet you want to ingest more food items.

If you start to work on the above two factors, it is likely that you will start to lose weight. With 3 Week Diet program, it is easy to lose 12 to 23 pounds with 21 days. Read Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Review here.