How To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Why Vacation Is Dangerous For Health

Are you going on a vacation and looking forward to all of the fun, but scared that you will gain a few pound? Don’t worry this article will show you how to stay healthy while on vacation so that you enjoy your time without stressing yourself out.

There are a few key rules you will have to follow, but not to worry, it shouldn’t be too hard if you understand why you are doing certain things. Read on to find out how to stay fit and healthy while vacationing.

Reasons Why People Gain Weight on Vacation

There are a number of reasons why people gain weight on vacation. It doesn’t only affect one type of ethnicity, race, gender – most weight problemspeople have customs which use food to celebrate events. Although this is fine, it is important to remember that food is supposed to be consumed to gain energy, not for indulgence. Over the last few decades new amazingly tasting foods have been created, although they are very tasty, you and I know that it is not healthy to eat them in big portions or on daily basis.

Celebrating an event is so amazing, but remember you don’t have to hinder it by feeling unhealthy and gaining weight.

Get Togethers Can Be Rough

On vacation many times family and friends get together to socialize. In many events food is the main attraction (for example Thanksgiving and even 4th of July)

Best way to avoid overeating is to come prepared. Know that you will see a lot of yummy food and plan to eat small portions. This way you can taste more things and still don’t feel like your buttons are popping off your pants by the end of the day. Give yourself at least 15 minutes after you eat to see if you are still hungry. If you are hungry, drink some water and see if your hunger goes away. Many times we are tricked by the feeling of hunger when we are just thirsty.

Know that it’s ok to participate on gathering events and feel good about seeing friends and family, but that the food is not the main reason why you are there. Bring a healthy side dish to share with others, this way you will eat healthy and maybe even get others to join you.

holiday foods on get togethers

Stop Buying Fast Food Meals on the Road

Fast food can add a lot of pound even over a period of few days or a week. Since fast food joints are on every corner, it’s important not to fall for it. Well what do you do when you are out and about and get hungry. The answer is simple – pack your lunch, snacks, and drinks. It may seen like a hassle, but as soon as you start doing it you will realize that it doesn’t take that long to pack a snack and be out of the door. Make sure to bring a gallon of water with you for the whole family and stay hydrated during the hot season.

Go To Restaurants Only On Special Occasion

Going to a restaurant on daily basis can be as unhealthy as getting fast food every day. Restaurant food many times is drenched in butter, sauces, salt and sugars. Although I am not telling you to ever go to a restaurant, it’s not something that should be done everyday on vacation. Not only will you feel healthier, you will also save a lot of money on food by only visiting restaurants once a week or even once a month (depending on the situation).

If you do get foods from a restaurant avoid getting items which have words like “buttered”, “breaded”, “cheesy”, “glazed”, and “smothered”. Look for a healthy alternative – something that is “steamed”, “grilled”, “seared”, and “roasted”.

Try To Avoid Alcohol

Ok, I know that many people are social drinkers, but it doesn’t mean you should go overboard when you are on vacation. Have one or two drinks if that’s what you do at home. You can still have a great time without slamming alcohol drinks down and then not feeling well the next day anyway.

Here is a list of alcoholic beverages calorie intake:

Regular Beer – about 150 calories per container (bottle or can). Do you drink one? or 6? that would make it 900 calories. Remember that an average person should be in-taking only about 2000 calories per day.

Light Beer – about 110 calories per container

Gin, vodka, tequila, run, and whiskey – about 65 calories per one ounce

Red and Dry Wine – about 80 calories per 4 ounces

Champagne – about 85 calories per 4 ounces

Daiquiri – about 125 calories per 4 ounces

Margarita – about 170 calories per 4 ounces

So as you can see these drinks can add a lot of calories to a daily intake. Having one or two once in a while is ok, but if you are having more than that then you will start gaining weight.

Food Is Meant For Energy

It is important to remember that food is meant for gaining energy. Most people do not look at food that way anymore. Basically if you intake less calories that your body burns daily you will lose weight, if you take in more than your body burns you will gain weight. It is important to understand that you body burns calories just to survive. So if your body survives everyday on 1500 calories then if you intake 1500 calories you will maintain weight. If you add a workout into your day you will start losing weight.

My advice is if you maintain your weight at home, then you should still be doing it when you are on vacation. Just like you take a shower, take care of your children and do your laundry, you should still watch your nutrition and fitness. Do not go overboard on eating food and not exercising while you go away.

Being Healthy Is A State Of Mind!

Do everything after giving it a few seconds of thought. Don’t dive into the food by instinct, don’t fall for cravings. Question everything you feel and you will start realizing that many things you are consuming are not necessary.