Before you read my 3 Week Diet review, you might to know something about me and why I started this website “Brian 3 Week Diet”? My name is Jean, I’m a nutritionist and dietician. I work at the local health and wellness center in Richmond.

Being a health coach, I provide consultancy to people, who are struggling with obesity problems. When I heard about the diet eBooks available online, on a whim, I bought 3 Week Diet one day. I read the book and, as an experiment and started to implement the guidelines. I was quite shocked to see the results, I was able to get!

At our health center, we normally charge a high fee for the consultancy to our clients. Our coaches are paid high salaries and not everybody can afford their advice. So, people get stuck with the obesity issues for a long time, who do not have enough time or money for the weight loss advice.

The diet advice provided in 3 Week Diet was something that I feel that everybody could implement. The information provided in the book is unique and I never found it anywhere else.

I am fond of reading books relevant to my profession. I am also doing my research on the other methods of losing weight, however 3 Week Diet is the most effective of all. I recommended the book to some of my clients and immediately got descent results with the program and they all practically worship me now.

I hope you would find my review of 3 Week Diet useful. Feel from to post your comments and share your experiences with “The Diet Helper”.

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